How Detoxifying Drinks Can Help You Be A Healthier Smoker

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After years and years of inhaling cigarette, pipe, or cigar smoke, your body has altered your pleasure centers of your brain, even created special receptors in your brain for nicotine and tobacco. This is common with any pleasurable thing in which one partakes. It also alters your immune system. If you do not eat and drink healthy while partaking of that which is both habit and pleasure, you could become very sick.

That is where detoxify drinks can help. All of those special receptors in your brain have bonded to nicotine. If you are going to be a healthier smoker (which is utterly possible), you have to detoxify. The following shows how these drinks help you process nicotine, cleanse your body of a build-up of toxins that come from the non-nutritious food and drink you have consumed as a smoker, and help you give your immune system the big, healthy boosts it needs to live longer and still enjoy a little smoke now and then.

Removing Impurities

Your liver and your lungs need to process the remaining poisons in your body. Your lungs will need vitamins and minerals to support and speed healing. Within the first day after you start detoxing, your lungs are already healing and attempting to cleanse themselves. Do not stop the detox process if you develop a mild cough; that is just the body's way of letting you know that the detox drinks are working.

As for your liver, your liver is the main organ that processes poisons in the blood. It extracts and absorbs these poisons, waiting for an opportunity to flush them out of your system via the kidneys. The liver, and your blood, need to be supported by vitamins and minerals as well. All of these vital vitamins and minerals are packed into detox drinks. In addition to providing healing support, the vitamins and minerals boost your immune system, which everyone, including smokers, can benefit from.

Providing You with Energy and Fluids

A body detoxes better and faster if you get daily exercise. This is hard to do when you feel fatigued or you have not done any really good aerobic exercise in quite some time. Detox drinks provide you with extra energy to help you overcome the fatigue and motivate you to exercise. The drinks also provide you with lots of fluids, which are essential to flushing out the toxins in your system and keeping you hydrated while you exercise.

Appealing to Different Receptors in the Brain

Cravings for nicotine are often accompanied by cravings for sweets. Most smokers are worried about weight gain, which is why they may smoke more when they want sweets. (A lot of smokers tend to be nervous smokers, that is, they smoke out of habit or they smoke to remain calm. Eating sweets does the same thing.)

The detox drinks are sweet, but they are naturally sweet from the fruit juices in them. Hence, the brain's receptors for all things sweet are switched on, pacified, and you will have greater success resisting high sugar snacks so that you do not gain weight. The natural juices are also tempting, too.

Faster Healing Times

Who does not want to heal faster when they are hurt? When you detox, you are pushing some of those chemicals and substances out of your body at a faster rate, which means your healing time is less than what you would normally expect. By doing all of the above along with the detox drinks, you are increasing your health and wellness, making your blood and immune system work better harder, and faster. Go on--give detoxify drinks a try.


25 January 2018

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