Tips For Cutting Your Cigar If You're A Novice

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The pastime of smoking cigars can be relaxing and enjoyable, whether you're smoking with a family member or a group of friends. If you're new to the world of cigars, you can request some help from a salesperson at your local cigar shop. They can ask you a series of questions that can help to reveal what type of cigars will be the right choice for you. Even if you're a novice, you don't want to look like one when you're smoking with those who are more experienced. One way that you can appear more experienced than you actually are is to cut your cigar the right way when you're about to smoke it. Here are some tips for doing so.

Use the Right Tool

While it's technically possibly to cut the tip off your cigar with any bladed object, using a tool that is specifically designed for this purpose will give you the best results — and keep you from looking like a novice. The right tool for this job is a cigar cutter, which has either one or two blades and is easy to operate with your thumb and index finger while you hold the cigar with your other hand. You've perhaps seen people in movies bite the end off their cigar before lighting and smoking it. While doing so might be appealing and perhaps even tempting, avoid doing so. Most cigar enthusiasts today use a cutter.

Cut Off The Right Amount

You want to make sure to cut the right amount off the end of the cigar. Not only will this make you look experienced, but it will also prevent you from wasting an unnecessary amount of tobacco. If you were to cut off too much, you'd be discarding part of the cigar that you'd otherwise enjoy smoking. Cigars are tapered at one end, and the general rule is to cut the cigar at the end of the taper where the cigar begins to straighten out.

Make A Quick Cut

You want to cut the end of your cigar cleanly; if the cut is ragged, your inexperience will show. A cigar cutter makes it easy for you to cut the end of the cigar properly, but you need to take the right approach. This isn't a time to be tentative. Instead, once you've adjusted the position of the cutter to the right location, squeeze your fingers together in a quick, crisp manner. This will push the blade(s) through the cigar in a split second and leave you with a cleanly cut end.

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21 April 2021

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