Features And Factors To Consider When Choosing A Hookah

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If you're relatively new to smoking out of a hookah and are about to buy your first one, you might be feeling a bit perplexed. There are hundreds of different types and styles of glass hookahs. In fact, if you're looking at handmade hookahs, every single one will be unique in some way. How do you choose the perfect one for your needs? Here are the key features to focus on.

How tall is the hookah?

The best height for your hookah really depends on how you plan to use it. If you'll mostly be using the hookah on a porch or in an outdoor living room where you can set it on the floor and have people gather around it, then you'll want a taller one — probably one approaching 36 inches or so. If you plan on traveling with your hookah, then you want a significantly smaller one — maybe around 18 or 20 inches. And if you plan on using your hookah in a variety of settings, you may want one of a medium height between, say, 28 and 30 inches. These are just rough estimates. Larger hookahs tend to smoke better than smaller ones, so if space is not a limiting factor, pick the larger hookah.

How many hoses does the hookah have?

If you'll mostly be smoking a hookah with other people, then buying one with multiple hoses can be a good choice. Check to ensure the hookah comes with plugs you can put in the hoses that are not being smoked out of. Otherwise, someone will have to hold a finger over the unused hoses, which can get annoying after a while. You can still smoke with company using a single-hose hookah and just swapping mouthpieces between users, so if you're primarily going to be smoking alone, a single-hose setup is a good choice.

How detailed is the glass design?

The more detail the glass design has, the more you'll pay for the hookah. This is mainly a matter of preference and budget. If you're on a budget, choosing a simpler design will save you money without sacrificing smoking ability. If you have more money to spend, buying a more intricately designed hookah can make for some better party discussions.

Choosing a hookah can take some time. There are a lot of options to explore. Remember to consider not only what looks good, but what works for you. For more information, contact a company like Lavoo Glass Hookah.


16 August 2021

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